Thursday, April 16, 2009


“For goodness sake, Helen! Just get at it and get it done!”

I was talking to myself once again about the state of my office.

Then I thought, for whose sake am I trying to master this paperwork? It is certainly not a sign of goodness, in my estimation. (Good housekeeping, maybe, but not goodness!)

It should be for MY sake. But sometimes that just doesn't seem to be enough motivation. At times it is, but then it gets away on me again, as I find more interesting ways to occupy my time.

But, aha! My son called and is coming home for the weekend. I haven't seen him since January...when this project was already underway with boxes piled all over the office. Have I told you that my office also serves as the guest room?

Usually when someone is coming, all the papers go into a box and get hidden away. (That's partly how I got into this problem in the first place!) I am really going to TRY not to do that this time. I have cleared away a few containers, but I do have my work cut out for me before he arrives tomorrow.

So, whether it's for goodness sake,
or for your sake,
or for the company that's coming...

for whatever reason, KEEP AT IT! Don't give up.

The reward will be the ability to see the top of the desk and the closet floor. It will be the knowledge that there are no hidden boxes awaiting your attention. It will be that wonderful feeling of overcoming a huge hurdle and the warm glow of victory.

Monday, April 13, 2009


“They're gone forever
So far apart”

Did Roy Orbison know that he was singing about my socks? About my plastic container lids? About....?

You get the picture. Why do I hang on to things that are one of a set, lonely and unusable on their own? Well, NO MORE! The lidless and bottomless plastic is in the recycle bin. The socks are a task set for today.

I wonder what other lonely things I have in my home. If you have any ideas, drop me a line in the comment box and we'll get rid of them together. Hey, how about lonely mitts, lonely shoes, lonely puzzles with pieces missing? We could create quite a cleansing just by getting rid of those items that lie isolated and incomplete amongst our clutter.

Have fun with your project today. I've gotta go. My socks are calling.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 17 – letter G – GO, GIRL!

I am back from holidays, a nice break after a challenging work assignment. I have discovered that when I am working outside of my home, it is much more difficult for me to manage the decluttering. My hat goes off to all of you who manage to do both!

Coming home from a break away always leaves me feeling fresh and ready to take on my world again. Seizing the moment of inspiration, I tackled some more of the kitchen. It is amazing how canned goods get lost in the shuffle in my cupboards. I hate to tell you how far past due some of them were! They are now in the garbage, and things I decided I had bought on impulse and probably won't use are ready to go to the House of Blessing. Every little bit counts in this process of regaining control.

This morning I tackled the front garden, a stern reminder that I need to get this household stuff cleared before the good weather tempts me to abandon ship and sit in the garden with my tea enjoying the long awaited spring and summer.

Wishing you a wonderful Easter with family and friends. Remember to seize the moment and “Go, Girl!”