Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 28 – letter C - Called to Account

Strolling through a concert hall at intermission, I heard the greeting, “Helen! Helen!” Turning toward the sound, I was greeted with a friendly smile.

“How's the decluttering going? I haven't seen any blog posts lately!” Susan, one of my readers, was calling me to account.

I do have my reasons, of all good procrastinators do. But, that is not the point. Susan's comment showed me once again the importance of accountability. She was making some progress, as was I, but the whole thing of laying it out before someone really is a motivator, at least for me.

Last week I went at the kitchen with a vengeance and brought it to a sparkling shine. The counter, cleared of all but the essentials, smiles at me every time I walk by. For me the lack of clutter becomes an invitation to enter and enjoy the clear working area or to sit with candles on the table, in other words to relax within the hub of my home.

As I have shared before, when one part of the home is happy with its arrangement, the other areas call for a few moments of care as well. Carpets vacuumed, newspapers put into the recycle bin, phone table cleared, closet and cupboard doors closed – these little things really take but a moment, but oh, how they enhance the feeling of freedom and light!

So, why not take fifteen and join me in clearing the clutter in your neatest rooms. The euphoria that follows just may push you to something more challenging. And when you get tired of the challenges, you can always grab a cup of tea and sit back and admire the spaces you've conquered!

Keep smiling. Keep calling me, and each other, to account. Thanks Susan for getting me back on track!