Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 24 – letter A - Assess

I had an opportunity lately to assess how I am doing.

My sister comes to visit from time to time and always comments on how tidy my place is. I used to think she was either joking, or else trying to encourage me to keep going with the project. The other day though she said, “Your place is so much better. You don't have nearly as much mess around.”

Now I could have chosen to be insulted that she spoke the M--- word out loud, but instead I was thrilled. My decluttering attempts are obviously reaping rewards. She commented on how airy it feels because I don't have “stuff” lying around like she does. I enjoyed the praise, and it has encouraged me to keep going.

Last week-end my son who gets home just 2 or 3 times a year came for a short visit. “WOW! Mom! This is the tidiest I've ever seen your place!” Once again, I took it positively. I may even have glowed a little.

I did feel obligated to show him the office closet and his comment there was “How can you possibly have so much stuff?” But he went on in the same breath to remember that I had moved from a much larger house to this apartment. AND I reminded him that I am a retired elementary school teacher! (We are well known to collect for the “just in case...” days!) But despite the fact that my closet looks full, I know that I have boxes of things in there that are on their way to being sorted, and that I stuck them in there in a hurry when I got the carpets cleaned. Yes, you're right...they're still there! I'll get to them one of these days.

In the meantime, I am glowing and enjoying my somewhat tidier home.